Out with the old… in with the new

It has been a good tech week.

I sold my Samsung q1u and it was paid for and delivered last weekend.

I just sold my OQO and I am expecting payment today.

I also sold my UX and they should be paying me this week.

I got a new Sony P, she is fabulous.

I ordered a u820 to replace my u810 (she is for sale).

Great tech week.

Oqo on Lie to Me

Well OQO is in trouble, but the devices are everywhere. On Lie to Me a few weeks ago the team used it to watch live tape of a woman to see if she was lying.

OQO is no longer, I sold one computer and bought another

Well, I finally sold my Q1u on eBay. Then I turned around and bought a Sony P which will arrive in about 12 hours.

Now onto OQO. After being excited about its appearance on TV and the big screen it seems those money issues I predicted back in Feb when I had trouble getting my 02 model back from repairs have surfaced. People’s OQOs are not being serviced, all calls go to voicemail, and people whose machines were received months ago still have no way of getting their machines back.

So, it seems we will not see a 2+ on the open market… such a shame.

Can’t wait for my P530 to get here tomorrow and my OQO may be up on eBay VERY soon.

Sony ux in bond movie

Very cool

OQO 2 in Fast & Furious

Yeah, saw my OQO on the big screen this time.

My god I must have a Sony P

Ok, I was a non-believer until I held one. I just left Staples and held it.


Since acquiring the OQO my u810 hasn’t seen the light of day

Man, in the last month I have only used my OQO02 and Acer Aspire One. My u810 is likely feeling like the stepchild.

Anyone just completely ignore their old tech?

Flaky buyers…

So my UX buyer never responded. I STILL have 6 computers!!!

Saw OQO on 24

Well, 24 has previously used TC1100s in the CTU command center, Miles used a Sony UX to program the bomb in Los Angeles in season 6, and now an OQO Model 2 was used by the African terrorists to break into the White House in season 7.

Isn’t technology great???

Oqo on The Unit last night

Did anyone see it?

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