New(?) update for ebay iphone app

I have really hated the missing messaging options from the iPhone app.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the app today and saw that messaging is an option now.

I can’t tell if my other gripes (accepting an offer, making an offer, or buying an item where immediate payment is required) is also an option.


What a riot… Judge Judy gets at an eBay scammer

I have a new friend at Teleplan AND my OQO is here

Hi all-

This saga is over.

I think something strange was going on, because the Teleplan guy (when he called today) kept saying he couldn’t comment on why it took so long for my computer to ship and I would have to ask OQO.  He did reassure me that Teleplan had replaced both the fan blower and the keypad [OQO kept stating this wasn’t replaced] and the computer should is working better than it left.

W key is working!

The fan is quieter, but still louder than my other UMPCs.

The buzzing noise is down to 15% of what it was, but is still there sometimes.  I don’t know how else to describe it, but I will live with this as long as it doesn’t get any louder or more frequent.

False alarm: UX is not sold

The person that had agreed to buy it just told me their price was 58% of my listing on eBay, so I will have to pass.  I realize there are some cheap ones going on eBay, but mine is in mint condition, has the option of XP or Vista, and includes two fully functional batteries (standard and extended).  Some have been selling on eBay in the $700-800 range so I will just wait it out.  There is negotiation room from my listing price, but not more than 40%.

Still for sale 😦

Has the economy affected your tech purchases?

This is a common question on many forums I participate on.

In my case, it has certainly made me rethink my priorities (a year ago I would have instantly purchased the Sony P and pre-ordered the OQO 2+ without a second thought).  If I didn’t like them they would get resold or join the museum of unused gadgets I have (I am trying to rectify that by selling the Samsung Q1U and Sony UX280).  I should really sell one more device, but I don’t want to.

So, with the current state of the economy are computer companies going to have to tighten their belts even further with expected decreases in tech purchases?

OQO Repair update: it is coming via USPS

Just got an update, being shipped tomorrow and will be here by Friday (via USPS).  I am assuming it is being sent Priority instead of Express, but at this point I just want the computer back.

Hopefully all will go well and I won’t have to go out of town without it.  Since it is USPS in the event it isn’t here Friday, at least Sat. is another delivery day.

Okay, now going to cook dinner.

Update on my OQO Repair: still no ETA

Got an email from Andy Popell that they will have a shipping date for me tomorrow.  Again, am I being too impatient for expecting my computer tomorrow and not another update?

Did not get a returned email or phone call from Teleplan concerning my message left on the general RMA status voicemail or specific voicemail and email I sent to Cherie Brinkerhoff listed as the contact for Teleplan’s Dallas (Irving) location.

I swear if I don’t have the computer by the end of the week I will look for other people to call.  Considering news stations (San Francisco and Dallas) and BBB in CA and TX.  You suggest anyone else?

Any data on sales? OQO, Sony, Fujitsu, Acer, EEE

I am just curious, to date does anyone know how many have been sold?

OQO 01, 01+, 02

Sony UX180, 280, 380, 390, 490, and all those other non-US models

Fujitsu u810/820

eeePC all models

Acer Aspire all models


I know there has been a large number of netbooks sold, but besides us geeks (or rather including us) how many of the PCDs have been sold worldwide?

Refreshing a model vs improving a model: perfect personal computing device

I have been giving this a lot of thought today.  Since I don’t have my OQO back and my UX280 has one foot out the door I have to wonder, why did Sony not improve the two things that virtually everyone complains about in newer models?

No one  can deny that Sony makes some of the best computer products, even if it is at a premium.  I don’t know my history of handtop computers so I don’t know whether the OQO 01 or the Sony 750 debuted first.  When Sony went from the Sony 750  to the UX180 (or previous Japanese models) they added the keyboard most were hammering for in the 750. 

However, from the UX 180 to the current 490, what has really changed???  Yes, the jump from 180 to 280 got a significant increase in RAM (512MB to 1GB), but most state the 1GB max for all future refreshes was simply not sufficient.  Since the UX came out the screen, forum, keyboard, WWAN module, and weight did not improve or change.  I for one would have been willing to put down the $2000+ price tag a year ago for one that simply had a better keyboard and 3g/EVDO instead of that slow EDGE. In higher models you got Vista instead of XP (most hated it) an SSD instead of an HD (nice but I could live without it).  As far as I know the cameras didn’t get any better.  Most who have used an OQO and a UX state the UX is more powerful, but the keyboard on the OQO is 3 times better and I happen to agree.  Why keep refreshing the same model instead of improving on it?

OQO has done a pretty good job of improving their model in the latest refresh, am I making any sense?  They changed the screen to a passive touch (which lots of people were clamoring for), they added the GOBI to allow people to CHOOSE their poisonous WWAN (not like the lockdown job Sony did on the P series), they have gone with a better? processor (better on battery and more powerful than the current VIA chip in their 02 models), the only thing that prevents me and calling it an improved model instead of a refresh is that they kept the same form.  Now some may say, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, but while I find the size and general form GREAT, others wanted a card reader and I would like the power plug to be standardized and somewhere other than the bottom of the unit.

Why can we not get the best of both worlds?

This is what I would want in the perfect model

  1. Keyboard at least as good as the OQO
  2. Screen at least as good as the UX (note, I am talking about the crispness of the color, not the touch vs active digitizer)
  3. A screen that can switch between touch and active digitizer with the flip of a switch (does this even exist?)
  4. An extended battery that doesn’t protrude from the unit (like the OQO)
  5. Reasonable prices for the accessories (Sony’s dock wins but OQO’s batteries win, even if their batteries only have a 6 month warranty because they are garbage)
  6. 2GB RAM option (when you have a resource hog like Vista, this would be nice)
  7. Decent video playback (I don’t know what is needed for this, is it a better processor?)
  8. A quiet fan (some say getting a SSD helps with this, but does it really?)
  9. Multicard reader (or at least something universal like SD)
  10. Not too heavy

I am really talking about all of these in a slider, because I have to admit the Fujitsu u8xx series has most of this at a decent price compared to the other two.  This is in a clamshell form.  I talked about my likes and dislikes of my u810 over on Pocketables,  but the two things that drive me bonkers are the spread of the keyboard and the placement of the fan.  I would be much happier if I could go from the keyboard to the mouse keys without shifting my hands and if hot air didn’t blow out on my right hand as I held it.

It has AT&T 3g, it has a pretty useable keyboard, it has a nice size passive screen with palm rejection to make handwriting easier, it has a SD card reader, it has a cheap extended battery $99 (with 4.5-5 hours on wifi) that sticks out the back, not affecting use, and finally it is made by Fujitsu (which to me is just as good as a Sony).

So why in the hell did I buy an OQO 02 instead of a new u820, I have no freakin’ clue.  If you know, you let me in.

However, I would just be happy if a company (preferably one of the giants) would make my perfect device detailed above.  I would be willing to pay a premium and I think others would too.  I don’t care if you call it a handtop, UMPC, microcomputer, etc… what about just personal computing device (PCD)?

OQO Quality Control Issues: sound familiar?

I must admit, I read this post right before I sent mine in for repair and as a result I took pics of EVERY ANGLE while sitting at the FedEx Kinkos to prove my unit was scratchless when mailed (just in case).

Dave also went through a litany of people: Bob, Dennis, Adam and Jose.

I have personally went through 4 different CS reps, Adam, Jose, and now Andy.

The funny thing is now that I know the repair work is farmed out to Teleplan it makes me read Dave’s post in a new way.  Teleplan is actually the one who must have scratched up his unit (likely why it needed a new touchscreen).  Then if it was shipped to Jose for a Bios update, he wouldn’t have known the unit wasn’t scratched when Teleplan received it in TX.

God… if I ever get it back what will happen if/when it needs repairs again?????

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