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Why does Fujitsu always delay the addition of 3G in its units? [new u820 with 3G WWAN]

So, I personally have experience with their delays.

I bought a refurbished u810 on eBay from Fujtsu in May and then got a refurbished unit on eBay from Fujitsu with integrated 3G in August.

Right before I bought the 2nd unit I heard that the new u820 was coming out but there was no information about an integrated 3G option.  Then in December they became available on  Why a 4 month delay?  Is it too much to ask that they come out with the unit when ALL the options are available?  Why does it take a refresh 4 months later to get what I believe should be STANDARD feature.

The cheapest u820 with 3G is $1349 because they are insisting you get the upgraded 120 GB harddrive.  Why for the love of christ do you need a larger harddrive just because you want 3G?

Now OQO is pulling the same crap with their new model (2+) you have to get the best model and then add the 3G service.  No option on the cheap $999 model.  Now, at least they are coming out with the 3G option when the model actually debuts, but COME ON!

Signal keeps bouncing back and forth between 3G and EDGE

This is crazy. My signal keeps changing. On E I have all 5 bars of strength and on 3G it fluctuates between 1 to 4 bars.


The EDGE test was completed with the 3G signal off.

Like this test… started in 3G for the download and switched to EDGE for the upload test.