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My favorite apps for the iPhone from the App Store

I always see these lists online about the “best apps of 2008” blah, blah, blah

So, these are mostly free and not on everyone’s list, but here are mine

  1. Facebook- I use this one morning, noon, and night [I realize I am WAY past due for a Facebook holiday!]
  2. eBay- whether I am selling something, pricing something, or buying something this app is VERY helpful
  3. WordPress- ever since I started this blog it has been VERY useful
  4. i.TV- even before they integrated Netflix, this was a GREAT app.  As I sit in front of the TV I prefer using the i.TV app to the guide from Comcast. 
  5. NYTimes- I LOVE reading this everyday, but although I keep 5 days of news stored I can’t seem to click on a previous day to read that news if I missed it previously.
  6. Around me- others like UrbanSpoon but that one doesn’t have information for my area!  I am trying out Yelp! and Local Picks, but Around Me includes more than food, which is great.
  7. Banking apps- 2 of my 3 banks offer one.  These are REALLY useful when you want to check your balance or transfer money between accounts.
  8. Deliveries- I am TOTALLY OCD when it comes to stalking packages I am waiting for.  This app (was $0.99 when I bought it) totally allows me to check ALL packages at once if I am expecting them from different carriers.  It allows you to track packages by Amazon account which brings me to…
  9. Amazon- while it does little more than the mobile website it saves my information so that I don’t have to continue to enter it.
  10. White Pages- This one has REAL potential, if only I didn’t have to memorize the number that called me in order to use Reverse Lookup.  A button from the recent calls would be nice 🙂

As you can see, most of my favorites are free.  I am considering another Blogging tool that is $5 and perhaps a syncing tool (paid as well). 

I just got Fring (a chatting IM app among other things) and promptly deleted the others I had on my phone.  While I would prefer a native app that could work in the background and send alerts when someone logs in and sends a message, Fring will work in the meantime between times.

If you have any that are great, add them to the comments!