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Signal keeps bouncing back and forth between 3G and EDGE

This is crazy. My signal keeps changing. On E I have all 5 bars of strength and on 3G it fluctuates between 1 to 4 bars.


The EDGE test was completed with the 3G signal off.

Like this test… started in 3G for the download and switched to EDGE for the upload test.

WTF- another reason to hate AT&T but I am grateful I just switched to 3G

Okay, just got my daily email update from and the first posting was about AT&T’s decision to downgrade the signal original iPhones currently receive.

Now, it hasn’t even been 2 years since the phone debuted.  Unless they would offer people a FREE switch like they did when they wanted more people to switch from the OLD AT&T signal to the new Cingular signal, how can they justify this?

Many people (including me until 48 hours ago) who bought the original iPhone did not think there was enough of an upgrade to get the new 3G phone, PARTICULARLY those who are in non-3G areas.

Doesn’t this feel like punishment for not buying a new shiny phone? 

Too bad this is a change in the TOS so you could cancel your contract and go elsewhere.

Maybe this will lead to more unlocked orignal iPhones heading over to Tmobile!

What do you think?

Whatever I have done to offend the Apple Gods… I repent [now on my 2nd iPhone 3G]

Dear Steve Jobs [or other Apple god-like figures]

I realize that when I sit in meetings and make fun of the people with Macs, I might have offended thee.

I realize that when I stated over and over again that I was not a Mac fan-girl, I might have offended thee.

I realize when the iPhone first came out and I didn’t immediately plunk down the $600 to get one and I laughed at the people in line sleeping outside AT&T waiting for one, I might have offended thee.

I thought I would have made up for it by buying myself an iPhone, then a 2nd and now an iPhone 3G.

I thought that by publicly stating if you made either a tablet or a device < 10″ I would be FIRST in line to buy it really regardless of the cost, I would have repented for my previous Apple sins.

I thought that by stating the iPhone is the best device I have ever purchased, even compared to my UMPCs, this might have negated some of the past statement I made about MACs that were less than flattering.

I have been cursed with bad iPhones.  I bought two and had 5 different replacements.  I did not abuse them, but I kept getting ones that were faulty.

I JUST bought my new iPhone 3G last night, and tonight the screen failed.  I hit the Home button, nothing.  I thought it was dead so I plugged it in.  Instead of the charge symbol or the greeting screen, I got a brilliantly WHITE screen…… and then nothing.

I plugged it into the computer, I got the prompt to import pictures followed shortly by an automatic sync in iTunes.

I immediately called AT&T to ask my local store if anyone had reported such an issue and since I bought it yesterday did I need to take it to Apple or could they handle it.  They told me to bring it in.  This was news to my ears since AT&T is 3 miles from home while Apple is 20 miles and it was unlikely I could beg my way into a Genius appointment at 8pm at night.

It was painless.  They asked it I had done a hard reset, I said yes still no screen.  The AT&T rep looked over the phone, pressing some buttons (and looking for physical damage I suspect) and then he said they would just swap it for a new one.

I really like to report on good customer service as well as bad, and from this store I have gotten NOTHING but good CS since my move.

Now I am doing another upgrade of the software, another restore of my backup from the failed new iPhone3G, and then I will need to do ANOTHER sync.  Likely another 4 hours of prep to make my phone perfect [oh wait, just got the notification from iTunes it was done after only 20 minutes of restoring the backup, YIPPEE!!!]

So, I write this post to ask the Apple-gods for mercy.  I promise to sing your gospel.  I promise to refrain from speaking ill of your products and making myself a MAC user within a year.  I promise to treat my iPhone3G part 2 like it was a body part or my child.

PLEASE reverse your curse and allow me to enjoy this iPhone error-free  until a new model is released.

Okay, now I am off to reset EVERY password I have since I had to turn over the phone to AT&T and without seeing the screen I couldn’t do a wipe of the data.