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Update on my OQO Repair: still no ETA

Got an email from Andy Popell that they will have a shipping date for me tomorrow.  Again, am I being too impatient for expecting my computer tomorrow and not another update?

Did not get a returned email or phone call from Teleplan concerning my message left on the general RMA status voicemail or specific voicemail and email I sent to Cherie Brinkerhoff listed as the contact for Teleplan’s Dallas (Irving) location.

I swear if I don’t have the computer by the end of the week I will look for other people to call.  Considering news stations (San Francisco and Dallas) and BBB in CA and TX.  You suggest anyone else?

OQO Quality Control Issues: sound familiar?

I must admit, I read this post right before I sent mine in for repair and as a result I took pics of EVERY ANGLE while sitting at the FedEx Kinkos to prove my unit was scratchless when mailed (just in case).

Dave also went through a litany of people: Bob, Dennis, Adam and Jose.

I have personally went through 4 different CS reps, Adam, Jose, and now Andy.

The funny thing is now that I know the repair work is farmed out to Teleplan it makes me read Dave’s post in a new way.  Teleplan is actually the one who must have scratched up his unit (likely why it needed a new touchscreen).  Then if it was shipped to Jose for a Bios update, he wouldn’t have known the unit wasn’t scratched when Teleplan received it in TX.

God… if I ever get it back what will happen if/when it needs repairs again?????

Called Teleplan concerning missing OQO

Okay, I got an email from Andy Propell of OQO in response to my email indicating he would look into it today.

I called Teleplan at 972-594-3400 and got an automated message giving me three options

  1. Dial 9 for a dial directory (you enter the first 6 letter of the person you are trying to call)
  2. Dial 1 to generate a new RMA
  3. Dial 2 to find out the status of a current RMA

Well, I tried 3 first.  However, you are forced to leave a message including your name, serial number, RMA number, and a phone number for them to call you back at.

After two hours I got impatient and called back to try #3 again.  Again, forced to leave a message (but I didn’t this time).  Next, I called back and tried #2.  I figure I can get a live person if I have to start a new RMA, right?  WRONG!  I get a message that it is an invalid choice and I am being transferred to the operator (which again is an automated person instead of a live person).

I can’t try #1 because I don’t know anyone’s name.

This is getting ridiculous.  My mom is not mean enough to send to the repair location, but I am thinking about sending my sister (she can be a real ***ch or my brother-in-law who is a cop).  I want my damn computer back.

Open Letter to Jory Bell and Andrew Popell- founders OQO Inc.

I would prefer to send this directly to Jory Bell or Andrew Popell, but I can’t find a valid OQO email address anywhere on the web. So I updated my question/RMA on [and am posting this on my blog] because I cannot waste any additional AT&T minutes waiting for customer service to indicate they don’t have an answer.

I have been given misinformation concerning my repair sent Jan. 25th, received Jan 26th, and repaired Jan. 28th. On several instances I was told the RMA was closed at 8:43 pm on the 28th and the OQO was mailed back to me. When I did not receive the machine back on Friday or Monday I began making inquiries so I could track the package. No one had a tracking number, but everyone just kept assuring me it had been mailed. I finally called FedEx who told me they had no incoming deliveries for my address.

I have been back and forth with the customer service on the phone, in email, and on the live chat. I have even spoken to […] in the corporate office who finally informed me you were having technical difficulty in Irving because of a shipping carrier transition with no ETA on when my repaired machine would be shipped back to me. He stated on the phone and in email (on Wednedsay) that he would have an update for me by Friday. Well it is 5:25 pm my time on Friday and I have no update or hope of getting my machine back by Monday.

It is totally unacceptable to me that my repaired machine is sitting on a dock in Irving, TX and I am not given any updates, despite promises, unless I call and harass customer service. One week ago today I was to receive the machine back repaired. While I am sympathetic and understand some minor delays due to technical difficulties, to be blunt these are not my problems. My personal property has not been returned to me as promised and according to customer service, the repairs are complete. I would fully expect a corporation with a repair facility, responsible for fixing machines and returning them in a timely manner, to resolve any technical difficulties with their shipping carrier within a week. There must be other means to print a shipping label for completed repairs, because certainly you should find it unacceptable to hold repaired computers hostage at your repair center for over a week while you sort it out.

I respectfully ask that my machine be returned to me as soon as possible without further delay.

Apparently not lost, but no ETA in sight for my OQO to be shipped

Need to rant and I am sure the toddler doesn’t want to hear it.  So, I realize I am OCD.  I don’t like to buy things online without using Express delivery, because as I stated I am not a patient person.  If I paid for it I want it as soon as possible.  Same goes for sending out computers for repair.  For my Fujitsu products, I always just take them to a local authorized repair shop so that they aren’t going  to Memphis and back.  The last one I used was REALLY great in that they would let me bring it in, diagnose it, order the parts and let me take it home (since it was still functional both times), then they would call when the parts were in and they could perform the repair.  I was only without my computer for half a day while they did the repair.  I know, I am spoiled.

Just called OQO again and this time I was informed my computer was not lost, it is sitting on the dock waiting to be shipped (with no shipping date in sight).

They are apparently having technical difficulties.  What that means in terms of shipping I have no idea.  I guess they can’t create a shipping label?   I was told today that my log never said it shipped Thursday, THEN WHY IN THE HELL HAVE I BEEN TOLD THAT BY 5 OQO CS REPS???  Apparently this is a training issue that has been addressed.  I certainly would say it is a training issue if everyone keeps telling me it shipped Thursday (until today) and the computer didn’t tell them that.  Did they just make it up out of thin air?????  I certainly didn’t make it up that I have been told that since Friday.

I once again asked if I could just have someone pick it up, but the more I think about it I am not sure I want my mom to have to go pick it up then pay to send it to me on my dime when the stupid warranty should pay for it.  It really doesn’t make sense to me that it is somewhere collecting dust when the damn thing is supposedly repaired.  Of course as I mentioned, I am already anticipating that since the keyboard was not replaced that w key may still not be functioning and it will need to go back.  Do you think there is a chance in hell I would send it back under these circumstances again???  Since it is still there, any chance they could just look at it again?

Now, maybe not in my case because this Monday it will only be 2 weeks since I sent it, but what about all these people who have waited weeks/months for their OQO to be repaired because it needs a motherboard and they are on backorder.  Are their warranties being extended for the length of time the company keeps their computer?  I feel really bad for them if that is their only computer.  Compared to others I am sure my woes seem insignificant. 

So let me clarify, I realize my expectations might be too high.  If I am told the computer has shipped I would expect it had been shipped.  I expect that if I am told an expected 2 day repair with overnight shipping there and overnight shipping back, that unless there was something else major found wrong with the unit that it would be back within the week.  It shouldn’t take several calls, chats, rants on, and pissed off blog postings to get a straight answer.  If ANYONE had initially told me there was a delay in shipping because of technical difficulties I would like to believe I would have been okay with that.  those who actually know me may disagree, but I certainly wouldn’t be as mad as I am now.  However, after being fed misinformation, stalking my email for an update, wasting several of my AT&T mobile minutes speaking to OQQ reps and FedEx tracking, wasting time waiting for the FedEx man on Monday, I am not okay with that.  Particularly since I was minutes from the OQO repair facility on Friday having Vietnamese and I could have just swung by and picked up my own damn computer.

Truth be told, as you can read on my blog I have many devices.  OQO is the new toy and I really hated to send her off after only a week of playing with her.  After using it that week I got really used to being productive using it.  I can use my u810, but the OQO is really just easier to pull out and get on the internet.  I LOVE the scroll bars and now I hate scrolling down a webpage using the FN and down arrows.  I am just pissed and see it as a waste of my money to currently own something I can’t play with.

Hopefully I will calm down and I will have computer back as soon as possible.  According to the corporate person I spoke to it will not be shipped today and he should have an update for me by Friday.  So exactly a week after it should have arrived I should have an update.

On Monday I added a 2+ top model with Gobi to me OQO shopping cart.  Needless to say I have NOT hit the buy button and at this point am not sure I am going to.  It would have been the most I paid for a computer sans my Sony T150 that I spent >$2100 on including the extended warranty.

There will be no additional postings about this until the machine is back at my house.  I simply can’t waste anymore time on this.

Okay, going to watch Fringe now.

Just got excited for nothing… still no OQO

No update from OQO on my lost computer. I will be calling in an hour. I just got excited for nothing because FedEx just stopped in front of my building, but no knock at the door. All the delivery trucks have a distinctive sound.

Maybe when the kid wakes up from her nap we will go get some ice cream!

Update on my lost OQO: there is no update

So the first rep I chatted with yesterday just emailed me to let me know that he is still waiting on a reply to the email he sent yesterday.  So in 24 hours no one answered an email about a lost computer??????????????????????

I am not in TX anymore or I would go to the stupid repair center myself.  Seriously, how hard is it to call someone to find out where a computer is that was suppose to be mailed Thursday night.

Looks like yet another day without my computer.

So how long would you let this continue?  Truth be told, I am not a very patient person.

OQO repair center lost my device. Bad OQO repair experience

I have been pretty silent for a week.  I sent my OQO off for repair while I was out of town.

I shipped Monday and they received it Tuesday.  There was no update other than received on Tuesday or Wednesday.  On Thursday it seems 1 of the issues I noted was fixed (the fan/blower was replaced) but the keyboard was not touched.

According to OQO they mailed my computer back to me Thursday night.

Now, for the extended warranties they pay for FedEx overnight shipping to and from the repair shop.  Since the original label was standard overnight (guaranteed by 3pm) I assumed the same service would be used to return it.

Mailed on Thursday means I should have received it Friday.

No computer on Friday.

I thought if it missed the cutoff it may have been set for delivery today (Monday).

No computer today.

OQO CS doesn’t have a tracking number in the computer.

FedEx has no record of a package for my address Ground or Express.

Where the hell is my computer???


I am mad because it is very likely when I get it back the w key will still be messed up and I will have to go through all this again.

I am mad because when I used the live support help Monday EARLY afternoon why didn’t the person find out why there was no tracking number from the repair center in TX (customer support is in Arizona, repairs are done in TX).  At least then they would have discovered (as I believe) that my unit never left the repair shop and it could have been mailed out to be delivered on Tuesday.  Now it will be at least Wednesday until I get it.

Everytime I called CS they didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with a unit mailed on Thursday to be missing in action or that there was no tracking number listed in the computer.

Again, where the hell is my computer?????

OMG- I have just about had it with Apple!

Okay, when I went to get my replacement phone (2G) on Sunday there was a discrepancy in the system for my warranty date.  They still gave me a replacement, but I needed to call Apple Care to get the date fixed.

Back story, I bought my last 2G iPhone on March 20 in NYC while on vacation/business trip.  I had to have it replaced less than 1 month later while on another business trip in FL because the damn thing just froze when syncing and a restore didn’t help.

I then had to have it replaced AGAIN in July when I couldn’t make or receive calls.  That means that the phone rang, but when I answered nobody could hear me.  By the end of that Genius trip the phone had completely stopped working, it wouldn’t charge, and when you plugged in a simple USB sync/charge cable I got that message “this accessory is not made to work with the iPhone” which was CRAP since it was the original Apple cable that came with the phone.  This brings me to my current replacement that just happened Sunday.

How hard it is to trace the phones to update my warranty?

I know the serial number of the original phone purchased in March (even have a copy of the receipt)

I do not know the serial number of the replacement I got in April, but I told them the store location and the date.

I have the serial number of the replacement I got in July, told them the location, and THIS is the one showing that the warranty JUST expired in Dec.

I have the serial number of the phone I just got as a replacement.

How hard is it to find one serial number from April to connect the dots?

I just wasted 50 AT&T minutes talking to them because I do not have a home phone.

I really want this corrected, because A my phone is STILL under warranty until THIS March, and B since I just sold the phone last night I would like to send it to the new owner with the warranty information correct in case they have any issues.

Seriously Apple, if the phones didn’t have issues I wouldn’t have needed to replace my iPhone 3 TIMES, the first less than 1 month after I got it.  You would think that either using my phone number (been the same number the entire time) or my email address (I use the same one to book the Genius appointments and make all my purchases).

Now I have a case number and I have to wait for someone to call me back.  What is REALLY irratating is I was talking to a level 1 and he was relaying messages to the level 2 tech on the other line.  Is this normal?  Why not just let me talk to the level 2 person?  How do I know that the level 1 tech was even “telling the story” correctly?  I gave them all the information they should have needed to resolve this issue.

*** Okay as I was typing the level 1 tech called me back, it is now straight and my warranty information has been updated.

Still ridiculous it took that long and my records were so jumbled though!