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While I hate them, I went to Best Buy to pick up some new iPhone 3G accessories

I hate bad customer service and there was one instance which severed my customer relationship with BestBuy more than 3 years ago. My kid sisters (14 and 9 at the time) decided to get my husband South Park for his birthday. They paid cash for the gift.

He seemed really excited and told them thank you, but then whispered to me that he already had this season. They had laid the receipt down on the table, but it accidentally got thrown away or one of the dogs ate it (yes, my dogs really eat paper and if a student tells me their dog ate their HW I am more inclined to believe it than others).

Husband tried to exchange for the correct season, denied. I went back a few days later explained my kid sisters had bought it with cash, I didn’t want a refund just an exchange for the correct season (same price, item was still wrapped, and yellow Best Buy sticker was on the item) again, denied. They told me if I could produce the credit card used then they could look it up for me. ARE YOU A MORON??? I said my 13 year old sister paid CASH.

Fine, I said I had purchased something at the next register (6 and they were on 7) at the same time. If they looked up my purchase could they then look at register 7 at the same time for the transaction for South Park.

Again, denied.

After that Circuit City got ALL my business, that Christmas alone worth $3000. My husband still occasionally buys items and if I see them, I take them back. I will not reward a company with such a restrictive exchange policy with my business. It would be one thing if it was opened, another if it did NOT have a Best Buy sticker attached, another if I was demanding a refund, another if I wasn’t exchanging it for the EXACT same series, just the next seaon. I offered a way to look up the transaction, it would have taken a little bit of work but previously working in WalMart cash office gave me some insight on how store systems work and it COULD have been done with minimal work.

Okay, now that I have explained my refusal to purchase items from BB.

Today I went because Apple is 20 miles away, AT&T didn’t sell the case I wanted, and I figured wasting the gas to drive was a worse offense that just biting the bullet and walking into the store.

I did my research before I went. I really wanted another Agent 18 case since the one on my original iPhone served me well, but there are such BAD reviews about it on I looked for an alternative.

What I found was the Incase slider case for the iPhone 3G.

White was the only color they had and although I did decide on the white iPhone 3G, the white case just looks strange with the black trim on the front of the phone. I would have preferred black, but getting my iPhone protected is more important than the color choice IMO.

Since the iPhone 3G is a different size than the original, my screen protectors are not a perfect fit any longer. I picked up 5 anti-glare by DLO for $11.99 (on sale from $18.99). It went on the phone just like the ones I typically purchase from Apple, and for a LOT less money.

Finally, the Griffin dual charger (I have an iPhone 3G and a 60GB Video iPod, while hubby has a 30GB Video iPod) so I figured the extra charger couldn’t hurt. It was $49.99 but the reviews are good aside from complaints of no dock connector for the iPhone 3G which didn’t bother me since I would prefer to dock her in the case.

While I find it irritating that the new iPhone 3G didn’t come with a dock, the adapter can’t be closed, and the iPhone doesn’t fit in the old iPhone dock, I have two sVideo docks, a univeral dock, and now this Griffin charger which should suit me fine.

Any accessory favorites you have for the iPhone 3G?

UPDATE: while MANY complain of the lack of a iPhone 3G dock connector, mine had one, #15.