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My Samsung Q1 Ultra isn’t selling

Well, a little more than a week later, my Samsung is still not sold.

I just don’t get it.  I have 157 positive reviews, I have the device, all original accessories, PLUS another case, the USB keyboard, dock, and the extended battery all for $799 or best offer and no bites.  There are many others (without additional accessories) selling for more than $700 but I only had one inquiry and 3 watchers.

The same is true of a LV wallet I am currently selling.  An identical wallet in same condition just sold for $502 (plus $15 shipping), but with 2 hours to go my reserve of $425 hasn’t been met (at $280 right now) and no one bit on my Buy It Now price of $499 with free shipping.

I don’t understand why my competitive pricing doesn’t get the sale???  I take TONS of pics and they are both listed on Bonanzle and eBay.

Makes me wonder….