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New(?) update for ebay iphone app

I have really hated the missing messaging options from the iPhone app.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the app today and saw that messaging is an option now.

I can’t tell if my other gripes (accepting an offer, making an offer, or buying an item where immediate payment is required) is also an option.

Don’t tell my husband I’m in love…………….. with OQO

When the OQO 02 first emerged in ’07 my interest was piqued. I loved everything about it except the low resolution and the price.

Now that the OQO 02+ is coming this May, I decided this was a chance to snag the device that got away for significantly less on eBay.

The unit I purchased had 15 months left on the extended, accidental warranty from OQO. I was warned in the listing that the battery charged at whim, but the problems did not stop there.

I was SO giddy for this new device on Tuesday I had trouble sleeping. The MOMENT I saw the mailman I ran to my leasing office to pick up my package. That is pretty much where the awe ended.

First, got charged $25 for $9.40 shipping. NOW I don’t begrudge anyone trying to save on shipping and use excess money towards eBay/Payal fees. HOWEVER, when a high priced computer is shipped in a box with a few peanuts and everything pretty much thrown in with NO insurance I get pissed.

When I picked up the unit the battery was falling off. I figure out how to get it on and hit power, nothing happened. “Oh” I thought, “the battery must be dead”. I connected the unit to the AC adapter and waiting. Next I heard a buzzing sound coming from the unit, not good for my new toy to sound like my husbands clippers. This was followed by a LOUD fan, louder than any UMPC or netbook I have owned. It turned itself off and on 4 times before I could see the Windows Start screen [the previous owner sent the unit with a fresh copy of Vista on it ]so I had to go through the registration pages, etc…

Once I had setup and logged into Vista, I saw the battery was not recognized. I took it off and placed it back on because the connection seemed loose. No help, this battery was not charging at whim, it was DEAD on arrival. I wasn’t too pissed since I was prepared to buy a new battery and had considered this before bidding.

A few more items to note

  1. There was a weird discoloration across the screen, but I don’t see it any longer.
  2. the w key is not working properly. If I deliberately press it, it works, but to just click while typing doesn’t always work.
  3. Now that I have used it for two days the loud fan isn’t constant, but the buzzing still happens
  4. Initially the WWAN/wifi antenna would not come out, but now it is working fine
  5. Because the previous owner put a fresh copy of Vista on I didn’t realize the WWAN drivers were not installed. Once I got these on the device, Verizon fired right up.

I have contacted OQO support for a RMA to get the device to perfect working order, but two days later I am still waiting for my email. I have read horror stories about people waiting weeks for their unit to be fixed, but I have had good chats with Adam a support manager at OQO so I am hopeful.

Here she is in all her beauty. I am working on a comparison with my other UMPCs [Sony UX280 (currently for sale), Fujitsu u810, and possibly my Samsung Q1 Ultra (currently for sale)].

Despite a rocky start, I am positive once everything is working this will be my FAVORITE UMPC.

Coming soon:

Finding an OQO battery

Comparison with other popular UMPCs in my collection

Still pondering on a gadget purchase, I have always wanted an OQO.

Perhaps the answer for me  is to get a Model 02 since some may try to sell them to fund getting a model 2+.

I just think their form is great and the keyboard is really functional.

If I am getting an old one I want there to be a little of the warranty left and for a pretty decent price.  Internal WWAN would be great, but if I can get one cheap without it maybe I can do an upgrade?

I am watching 5 of them on eBay, wish me luck.

My Samsung Q1 Ultra isn’t selling

Well, a little more than a week later, my Samsung is still not sold.

I just don’t get it.  I have 157 positive reviews, I have the device, all original accessories, PLUS another case, the USB keyboard, dock, and the extended battery all for $799 or best offer and no bites.  There are many others (without additional accessories) selling for more than $700 but I only had one inquiry and 3 watchers.

The same is true of a LV wallet I am currently selling.  An identical wallet in same condition just sold for $502 (plus $15 shipping), but with 2 hours to go my reserve of $425 hasn’t been met (at $280 right now) and no one bit on my Buy It Now price of $499 with free shipping.

I don’t understand why my competitive pricing doesn’t get the sale???  I take TONS of pics and they are both listed on Bonanzle and eBay.

Makes me wonder….

Buyer with 0 feedback bids on my eBay listing, can’t read?

Okay, I am likely a little more paranoid than the average seller.  I know all the ways someone can scam you (even had one of them pulled on me last fall) and eBay and Paypal were less than helpful.

So, when I decided to list my original iPhones to fund my new iPhone 3G I decided I would have them pay via Google Checkout, indicate in the listing that anyone with negative feedback related to scams or non-payment don’t bother to bid, and if you have 0-10 feedback contact me BEFORE hitting the buy it now button.

First phone sells without issue.  Good communication, pays immediately after I send the invoice, couldn’t have asked for a better transaction.

Second phone sells to a person with 0 feedback.  They didn’t contact me and when I sent a message that included the buyer requirements and asked if they had feedback under a different ID, no response.  So, I relist and contact eBay to cancel the transaction.

Turns out, you can’t do this regardless of what your listing states.  You can’t prevent people with 0 feedback from bidding.

Here’s where is gets tricky, the buyer indicated on the listing that they paid.

  1. I did not send an invoice from Google Checkout so how could they pay?
  2. I checked my Paypal account JUST IN CASE it had somehow allowed them to pay with Paypal even if it wasn’t an option (I have had this happen before) no money in my Paypal account.
  3. They indicate to eBay they do not want to cancel the transaction.
  4. They email me stating they really want the phone and already paid.

So, what do you do with someone this stupid?

Can’t read the listing AND believes they miraculously paid me without actually entering a credit card number??????

This is a headache I just don’t need.

eBay rep is SO concerned with my seller reputation.

  1. Since I am required to complete the transaction regardless of what my listing states, the buyer could leave me negative feedback if I don’t complete the sale.
  2. Since I am required to complete the transaction regardless of what my listing states, the buyer can report me as a non-performing seller.

I told the eBay rep I didn’t care about my feedback as I am clearly in the right.  I stated people 0-10 feedback to contact me first, this person did not comply.

So, what would you do?