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Recalling the reasons I bought the iPhone more than a year ago: eMail

I have just finished reading some of the Round Robin posts on the iPhone Blog and it forced me to think back on my first impressions of the iPhone.

While the cost scared some, I waited until the day the price dropped  get mine but cost had nothing to do with it.  Considering I paid full price for my first i730 ($719 + tax at the time on Verizon) and $399 for my Cingular 8125 in the same year, dropping the $600 wasn’t the deal breaker for me, the fact that I disliked all things Apple did.

However, if someone had told me about the one item that has really kept me from switching to another phone on Day one, I might have been out there sleeping with the people and waiting in line for my own slice of the Apple pie (so to speak).

One thing most of my jobs had in common, Microsoft Exchange for college email use.  On my old PDA phones you could only sync ONE Exchange account, which proved difficult when I had up to 5 to check.  I carried around a computer constantly and tried to use my SonyUX as the best of both worlds, but really it still required me to check ALL email accounts separately.  Even if I used Outlook you could only have ONE Exchange account for each profile.  Who want to login to 5 different profiles??????????/  Then came the saving grace in the form of an iPhone.

Once I figured out it could sync MULTIPLE Exchange accounts I was hooked.  If nothing else, I used the iPhone as my personal email device and little else.  Sure, the web is great and sure, it takes pictures (not the best quality IMO) and I could use it as an iPod, but honestly the iPod still stayed in my gadget bag.

The email function is the item that benefited me most in my professional life and it is the one of the main reasons I have not strayed to another device (my new iPhone 3G aside).

Now, things are different.  I work much less and have more time to enjoy the many gadgets that I have.  With the App Store I have found many great apps for personal use that make the device INDISPENSIBLE to me.

Before purchasing my new 3G iPhone I looked into some others.  At the top of my list were LG Incite, Samsung ??, and Sony Experia X1.  Maybe had I seen these BEFORE I got my first iPhone I might have been more interested.  Even the Google G1 doesn’t spark too much interest since it has no headset jack.

So, now I am a Apple fan-girl.  I am not sure I will be able to replace the iPhone with anything but an iPhone for an extended period of time.  I hope that others can improve their multi-touch screens and compete with Apple, but today is just not the day.

Power of the internet: Finding a solution to my email not deleting on the iPhone

For a few weeks now I have been unable to delete any emails from my school account.

Very annoying since this was the one in my Facebook profile (no need to keep all those notification messages) and I get all these emails from a shoe company (not even sure it is real, likely SPAM since there are grammar errors).

I just read someone was having the same problem on and someone directed them to a “let me Google that for you” link.  On the Apple forums, there was my solution.

In case you have had these issues since upgrading to 2.2, here is the solution