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Google Checkout- holding my funds hostage

Why not provide telephone customer support?

Why not state that additional verification will be required for an immediate payout BEFORE taking the payment?

I am stuck.  I can’t refund the charge because the goods have already been delivered.  I really don’t want to provide my social security number giving them permission to run periodic credit checks.  I really don’t want to wait 2 months to fully be paid.  I really don’t want to accept anymore payments since they may add ADDITIONAL stipulations after they get my money.



Think twice before using Google Checkout

I sell my used handbags and gadgets on eBay and Bonanzle.  I have used both Paypal and Google Checkout for payment processing.

I had a very strange situation which has prompted me to stop using Google Checkout.

Both Paypal and Google Checkout boast “payment protection against chargebacks” in different forms.

For claims of unauthorized charges or fraud

Paypal will cover you under seller protection if you mail with a tracked method (delivery confirmation for <$250 and signature confirmation >$250) to the confirmed address on the invoice.  This basically means they have verified the buyer’s address with the banking or credit card information and since this is the address the person who is footing the bill lives at, they will cover you if you deliver there and it has a chargeback for fraud.

Google uses a payment guarantee for similar restrictions (mail with tracking DC <$250 or Sig confirmation >$250 to the address listed on the invoice) with one MAJOR difference.  They only have the payment guarantee for about 98% of transactions.  If they do not indicate the payment guarantee is in effect, they don’t tell you why.  EVEN if all the risk checks are passed (AVS and CVV) they still may not cover you.

Another MAJOR difference is if I have an issue with Paypal, I can call and speak to a live person.  With Google Checkout there are no numbers for you to call.  I sent an email yesterday morning and JUST got a response more than 36 hours later that recapped the same crap they state on the website.

So, while I have done my fair share of complaining about Paypal, I think I’ll stick with the devil I know and may not love over a company that won’t even give its customers a number to call in case of emergency.