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New iPhone apps to add to my list of favorites

I just got a new one Lose It!

This is a weight management app that helps you keep track of weight loss and calories.  While I am trying to shed a few pounds, honestly the nutritional tracking is just facinating.  My cocoa with peanut butter toast nearly used all my calories for the day.

The app is free, give a whirl.  If nothing else, it is making me thing about and track what I eat on a daily basis.


Grocery iQ ($0.99)

This think is just SO MUCH BETTER than using the notes to write down my grocery list.  It has most of the items (even the brand names) of my weekly grocery list.  You can customize it to include what aisle an item is on in your favorite grocery store.

My BFF had this on her phone and it was definitely worth the $1 I spent.


I paid $1.99 for this one, but I am not sure if it is working [some are complaining they can’t download the pics I am sending].

This app does EXACTLY what it sounds like.  You can choose multiple photos to send in one email instead of one at a time.

Anyone have these apps, what do you think?

Any other apps to suggest?