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Wanting WWAN on lower models (Fujitsu u820 and OQO 2+)

There has been a lot of discussion over on about the inability to order the upcoming OQO 2+ lower end model (starts at $999) with WWAN.  Mind you, no one is asking for the WWAN to be included as a free upgrade.  Just the option of paying the additional $149 on a cheaper model would be nice.  They are only offering the WWAN as an upgrade on the best model (starts $1499).  So, before you even pay the $150 extra, you are paying an additional $500 for a better screen, more RAM, and larger hard drive.  I personally don’t need any of that, hence my frustration.
EDIT: the $500 bump also gets you a faster processor, which maybe I need to play video.

However, I was reading over my posts on and remembered Fujitsu did the same thing when they announced the u820.  Now, my frustration with Fujitsu stemmed with the fact that they didn’t announce the WWAN model until almost 3 months after the unit started selling.  However, the only upgrade you are required to get on the u820 in order to add WWAN is a 120 GB harddrive.  Now, the complaint is why in the hell do I need a larger harddrive just to get WWAN. 

In both cases, it is about limiting the number of configurations each company has to produce.  It does make sense, since WWAN is considered a high-end upgrade it would make sense that statistically people who want the upgrade might already be more inclined to order the high-end model.

But still, why not offer a service where a person can send in the unit of their choice and have the WWAN unit added post-sale?

OQO repair- do they email you a status report?

I would LOVE to be able to ask at, but it is still missing in action.

I know you can login to your store account to see the status of a RMA, but that is not working for me.  It could be because I didn’t buy it directly from OQO.  Can someone tell me how to do it on or let me know if they email you when they are sending it back?

Thanks 🙂