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Update on my OQO Repair: still no ETA

Got an email from Andy Popell that they will have a shipping date for me tomorrow.  Again, am I being too impatient for expecting my computer tomorrow and not another update?

Did not get a returned email or phone call from Teleplan concerning my message left on the general RMA status voicemail or specific voicemail and email I sent to Cherie Brinkerhoff listed as the contact for Teleplan’s Dallas (Irving) location.

I swear if I don’t have the computer by the end of the week I will look for other people to call.  Considering news stations (San Francisco and Dallas) and BBB in CA and TX.  You suggest anyone else?

OQO Quality Control Issues: sound familiar?

I must admit, I read this post right before I sent mine in for repair and as a result I took pics of EVERY ANGLE while sitting at the FedEx Kinkos to prove my unit was scratchless when mailed (just in case).

Dave also went through a litany of people: Bob, Dennis, Adam and Jose.

I have personally went through 4 different CS reps, Adam, Jose, and now Andy.

The funny thing is now that I know the repair work is farmed out to Teleplan it makes me read Dave’s post in a new way.  Teleplan is actually the one who must have scratched up his unit (likely why it needed a new touchscreen).  Then if it was shipped to Jose for a Bios update, he wouldn’t have known the unit wasn’t scratched when Teleplan received it in TX.

God… if I ever get it back what will happen if/when it needs repairs again?????

Called Teleplan concerning missing OQO

Okay, I got an email from Andy Propell of OQO in response to my email indicating he would look into it today.

I called Teleplan at 972-594-3400 and got an automated message giving me three options

  1. Dial 9 for a dial directory (you enter the first 6 letter of the person you are trying to call)
  2. Dial 1 to generate a new RMA
  3. Dial 2 to find out the status of a current RMA

Well, I tried 3 first.  However, you are forced to leave a message including your name, serial number, RMA number, and a phone number for them to call you back at.

After two hours I got impatient and called back to try #3 again.  Again, forced to leave a message (but I didn’t this time).  Next, I called back and tried #2.  I figure I can get a live person if I have to start a new RMA, right?  WRONG!  I get a message that it is an invalid choice and I am being transferred to the operator (which again is an automated person instead of a live person).

I can’t try #1 because I don’t know anyone’s name.

This is getting ridiculous.  My mom is not mean enough to send to the repair location, but I am thinking about sending my sister (she can be a real ***ch or my brother-in-law who is a cop).  I want my damn computer back.