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I have a new friend at Teleplan AND my OQO is here

Hi all-

This saga is over.

I think something strange was going on, because the Teleplan guy (when he called today) kept saying he couldn’t comment on why it took so long for my computer to ship and I would have to ask OQO.  He did reassure me that Teleplan had replaced both the fan blower and the keypad [OQO kept stating this wasn’t replaced] and the computer should is working better than it left.

W key is working!

The fan is quieter, but still louder than my other UMPCs.

The buzzing noise is down to 15% of what it was, but is still there sometimes.  I don’t know how else to describe it, but I will live with this as long as it doesn’t get any louder or more frequent.

Did you know that OQO repairs are farmed out to Teleplan?

Okay, call me naive.  I didn’t realize I was sending my computer to a company that just does the OQO repairs and not an actual OQO repair center.

Maybe this explains why it takes the Irving location 2 days to respond to an email (according to OQO CS). 

I found Teleplan’s number and plan to call on Monday. Perhaps they can shed some light on why repaired computers are not being shipped out.  Who is having the shipping issues, OQO or Teleplan?

BTW- some of the reviews on the web for Teleplan are horrible!  I never sent my Samsung Q1U in for a repair, but I wonder if they take care of those as well under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

For all the international OQO owners that complain about not being able to send it directly in, I wonder if that is a Teleplan policy or OQO policy.

Last, is this common practice?  I know the Fujitsu repair facility is in Memphis, TN as is their shipping center for some new and refurbished products.  Is that not a Fujitsu repair center?  Do they do the work themselves or do they farm out the work as well?

OQO repair center lost my device. Bad OQO repair experience

I have been pretty silent for a week.  I sent my OQO off for repair while I was out of town.

I shipped Monday and they received it Tuesday.  There was no update other than received on Tuesday or Wednesday.  On Thursday it seems 1 of the issues I noted was fixed (the fan/blower was replaced) but the keyboard was not touched.

According to OQO they mailed my computer back to me Thursday night.

Now, for the extended warranties they pay for FedEx overnight shipping to and from the repair shop.  Since the original label was standard overnight (guaranteed by 3pm) I assumed the same service would be used to return it.

Mailed on Thursday means I should have received it Friday.

No computer on Friday.

I thought if it missed the cutoff it may have been set for delivery today (Monday).

No computer today.

OQO CS doesn’t have a tracking number in the computer.

FedEx has no record of a package for my address Ground or Express.

Where the hell is my computer???


I am mad because it is very likely when I get it back the w key will still be messed up and I will have to go through all this again.

I am mad because when I used the live support help Monday EARLY afternoon why didn’t the person find out why there was no tracking number from the repair center in TX (customer support is in Arizona, repairs are done in TX).  At least then they would have discovered (as I believe) that my unit never left the repair shop and it could have been mailed out to be delivered on Tuesday.  Now it will be at least Wednesday until I get it.

Everytime I called CS they didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with a unit mailed on Thursday to be missing in action or that there was no tracking number listed in the computer.

Again, where the hell is my computer?????

My OQO is gone

So after 7 fun filled days of excitement and exploration, my unit was sent off for repairs.

As you may have previously read my unit came to me used via eBay. While it seems she was not abused, she did need a facelift.

She was sent to Irving via FedEX overnight and should arrive at the repair depot tomorrow. 1-2 days after they should ship her back with a new fan, keyboard, and possibly display.

I paid $8.49 for a lady at FedEX to pack her up in a small 8*8*8 box with LOTS of big bubble wrap. I took tons of before pics and am watching the packages progress using the Deliveries App on my iPhone.