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Off topic: Spoiled milk with 5 days to go?

My two-year old just asked for a bowl of cereal.  We usually don’t do cereal in the evening, but I agreed to give her a small bowl.

Mind you, I don’t usually try her cereal first, but the Frosted Flakes looked good.  It is a good thing I tried them first, the milk tasted sour.  I immediately spit it out, looked at the bottle, and then smelled it.  Yes, milk was still good by the February 8th date, but it tasted sour and smelled rotten.

I am pretty pissed because there was more than 1/2 gallon left.

Anyone got any ideas on why it spoiled so quickly?

I don’t think my refrigerator was left open.

I don’t think the milk was left on the counter.

Good think I had just gotten another gallon yesterday!