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Buyer with 0 feedback bids on my eBay listing, can’t read?

Okay, I am likely a little more paranoid than the average seller.  I know all the ways someone can scam you (even had one of them pulled on me last fall) and eBay and Paypal were less than helpful.

So, when I decided to list my original iPhones to fund my new iPhone 3G I decided I would have them pay via Google Checkout, indicate in the listing that anyone with negative feedback related to scams or non-payment don’t bother to bid, and if you have 0-10 feedback contact me BEFORE hitting the buy it now button.

First phone sells without issue.  Good communication, pays immediately after I send the invoice, couldn’t have asked for a better transaction.

Second phone sells to a person with 0 feedback.  They didn’t contact me and when I sent a message that included the buyer requirements and asked if they had feedback under a different ID, no response.  So, I relist and contact eBay to cancel the transaction.

Turns out, you can’t do this regardless of what your listing states.  You can’t prevent people with 0 feedback from bidding.

Here’s where is gets tricky, the buyer indicated on the listing that they paid.

  1. I did not send an invoice from Google Checkout so how could they pay?
  2. I checked my Paypal account JUST IN CASE it had somehow allowed them to pay with Paypal even if it wasn’t an option (I have had this happen before) no money in my Paypal account.
  3. They indicate to eBay they do not want to cancel the transaction.
  4. They email me stating they really want the phone and already paid.

So, what do you do with someone this stupid?

Can’t read the listing AND believes they miraculously paid me without actually entering a credit card number??????

This is a headache I just don’t need.

eBay rep is SO concerned with my seller reputation.

  1. Since I am required to complete the transaction regardless of what my listing states, the buyer could leave me negative feedback if I don’t complete the sale.
  2. Since I am required to complete the transaction regardless of what my listing states, the buyer can report me as a non-performing seller.

I told the eBay rep I didn’t care about my feedback as I am clearly in the right.  I stated people 0-10 feedback to contact me first, this person did not comply.

So, what would you do?