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Trying out the iPhone WordPress app

I am getting ready for my trip to the Genius Bar today. I always schedule an appointment or run up there when the iPhone issues have snowballed out of control.

Current list:
1) calling issues
2) crashed apps
3) delays in typing

Now, for the calling issues when people call me it has been going straight to voicemail without ringing. It used to be if I was surfing the web this would happen often, but now it is happening when the phone is right next to me with a STRONG signal. If it rings and I pick it up the second is is people cannot hear me. It happened infrequently on a previous iPhone and then daily. I am screaming at the people and all they get is silence. I hear them, they can’t hear me.

The crashing… Yes the crashing. Particularly in the Facebook app I get constant crashes OR half the entries on the screen go blank. None of my friends seem to have this issue!!!! For me it is Facebook, NYT, Safari, and MobileNews that crash the most.

Finally, the typing. Hitting a letter and waiting 5-10 seconds for it to appear is ridiculous!

I am off to Apple in a few hours to see what they say!!!