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Lots of talk about the Sony p over on Pocketables

While it really isn’t pocketable, many on have purchased this new device and are posting their first impressions.

While some complain about Vista, I like the owner of the site Jenn, actually like Vista and have it on all of my computers except my Acer Aspire One.

If I hadn’t gotten this AAO in December I really would have been ALL over this Sony P.  However, having got this one for only $99 I can’t justify spending $900 on a device that would serve the EXACT same purpose (for me).

I don’t really understand Sony limiting the Gobi WWAN module to only Verizon.  The device was NOT subsidized (although Jenn reports you can get $200 rebate for activating the unit on a new 2 year contract with Verizon).  Sony used to include AT&T in their earlier microcomputers, I was always mad the UX series only included EDGE and not 3G.  Then they had Sprint on a few of the TX series computers.  Now they are in bed with Verizon.  PICK ONE ALREADY.  But that is the point, with Gobi you don’t have to choose and they have made the choice for us.

So, that brings me back to the OQO.  The 2+ isn’t locked to one carrier, but after the issues with getting my 02 repaired I don’t think I will be pulling the trigger on that one either.

Hubby will be happy….