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OMG- I have just about had it with Apple!

Okay, when I went to get my replacement phone (2G) on Sunday there was a discrepancy in the system for my warranty date.  They still gave me a replacement, but I needed to call Apple Care to get the date fixed.

Back story, I bought my last 2G iPhone on March 20 in NYC while on vacation/business trip.  I had to have it replaced less than 1 month later while on another business trip in FL because the damn thing just froze when syncing and a restore didn’t help.

I then had to have it replaced AGAIN in July when I couldn’t make or receive calls.  That means that the phone rang, but when I answered nobody could hear me.  By the end of that Genius trip the phone had completely stopped working, it wouldn’t charge, and when you plugged in a simple USB sync/charge cable I got that message “this accessory is not made to work with the iPhone” which was CRAP since it was the original Apple cable that came with the phone.  This brings me to my current replacement that just happened Sunday.

How hard it is to trace the phones to update my warranty?

I know the serial number of the original phone purchased in March (even have a copy of the receipt)

I do not know the serial number of the replacement I got in April, but I told them the store location and the date.

I have the serial number of the replacement I got in July, told them the location, and THIS is the one showing that the warranty JUST expired in Dec.

I have the serial number of the phone I just got as a replacement.

How hard is it to find one serial number from April to connect the dots?

I just wasted 50 AT&T minutes talking to them because I do not have a home phone.

I really want this corrected, because A my phone is STILL under warranty until THIS March, and B since I just sold the phone last night I would like to send it to the new owner with the warranty information correct in case they have any issues.

Seriously Apple, if the phones didn’t have issues I wouldn’t have needed to replace my iPhone 3 TIMES, the first less than 1 month after I got it.  You would think that either using my phone number (been the same number the entire time) or my email address (I use the same one to book the Genius appointments and make all my purchases).

Now I have a case number and I have to wait for someone to call me back.  What is REALLY irratating is I was talking to a level 1 and he was relaying messages to the level 2 tech on the other line.  Is this normal?  Why not just let me talk to the level 2 person?  How do I know that the level 1 tech was even “telling the story” correctly?  I gave them all the information they should have needed to resolve this issue.

*** Okay as I was typing the level 1 tech called me back, it is now straight and my warranty information has been updated.

Still ridiculous it took that long and my records were so jumbled though!