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New(?) update for ebay iphone app

I have really hated the missing messaging options from the iPhone app.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the app today and saw that messaging is an option now.

I can’t tell if my other gripes (accepting an offer, making an offer, or buying an item where immediate payment is required) is also an option.

Recalling the reasons I bought the iPhone more than a year ago: eMail

I have just finished reading some of the Round Robin posts on the iPhone Blog and it forced me to think back on my first impressions of the iPhone.

While the cost scared some, I waited until the day the price dropped  get mine but cost had nothing to do with it.  Considering I paid full price for my first i730 ($719 + tax at the time on Verizon) and $399 for my Cingular 8125 in the same year, dropping the $600 wasn’t the deal breaker for me, the fact that I disliked all things Apple did.

However, if someone had told me about the one item that has really kept me from switching to another phone on Day one, I might have been out there sleeping with the people and waiting in line for my own slice of the Apple pie (so to speak).

One thing most of my jobs had in common, Microsoft Exchange for college email use.  On my old PDA phones you could only sync ONE Exchange account, which proved difficult when I had up to 5 to check.  I carried around a computer constantly and tried to use my SonyUX as the best of both worlds, but really it still required me to check ALL email accounts separately.  Even if I used Outlook you could only have ONE Exchange account for each profile.  Who want to login to 5 different profiles??????????/  Then came the saving grace in the form of an iPhone.

Once I figured out it could sync MULTIPLE Exchange accounts I was hooked.  If nothing else, I used the iPhone as my personal email device and little else.  Sure, the web is great and sure, it takes pictures (not the best quality IMO) and I could use it as an iPod, but honestly the iPod still stayed in my gadget bag.

The email function is the item that benefited me most in my professional life and it is the one of the main reasons I have not strayed to another device (my new iPhone 3G aside).

Now, things are different.  I work much less and have more time to enjoy the many gadgets that I have.  With the App Store I have found many great apps for personal use that make the device INDISPENSIBLE to me.

Before purchasing my new 3G iPhone I looked into some others.  At the top of my list were LG Incite, Samsung ??, and Sony Experia X1.  Maybe had I seen these BEFORE I got my first iPhone I might have been more interested.  Even the Google G1 doesn’t spark too much interest since it has no headset jack.

So, now I am a Apple fan-girl.  I am not sure I will be able to replace the iPhone with anything but an iPhone for an extended period of time.  I hope that others can improve their multi-touch screens and compete with Apple, but today is just not the day.

Buyer with 0 feedback bids on my eBay listing, can’t read?

Okay, I am likely a little more paranoid than the average seller.  I know all the ways someone can scam you (even had one of them pulled on me last fall) and eBay and Paypal were less than helpful.

So, when I decided to list my original iPhones to fund my new iPhone 3G I decided I would have them pay via Google Checkout, indicate in the listing that anyone with negative feedback related to scams or non-payment don’t bother to bid, and if you have 0-10 feedback contact me BEFORE hitting the buy it now button.

First phone sells without issue.  Good communication, pays immediately after I send the invoice, couldn’t have asked for a better transaction.

Second phone sells to a person with 0 feedback.  They didn’t contact me and when I sent a message that included the buyer requirements and asked if they had feedback under a different ID, no response.  So, I relist and contact eBay to cancel the transaction.

Turns out, you can’t do this regardless of what your listing states.  You can’t prevent people with 0 feedback from bidding.

Here’s where is gets tricky, the buyer indicated on the listing that they paid.

  1. I did not send an invoice from Google Checkout so how could they pay?
  2. I checked my Paypal account JUST IN CASE it had somehow allowed them to pay with Paypal even if it wasn’t an option (I have had this happen before) no money in my Paypal account.
  3. They indicate to eBay they do not want to cancel the transaction.
  4. They email me stating they really want the phone and already paid.

So, what do you do with someone this stupid?

Can’t read the listing AND believes they miraculously paid me without actually entering a credit card number??????

This is a headache I just don’t need.

eBay rep is SO concerned with my seller reputation.

  1. Since I am required to complete the transaction regardless of what my listing states, the buyer could leave me negative feedback if I don’t complete the sale.
  2. Since I am required to complete the transaction regardless of what my listing states, the buyer can report me as a non-performing seller.

I told the eBay rep I didn’t care about my feedback as I am clearly in the right.  I stated people 0-10 feedback to contact me first, this person did not comply.

So, what would you do?

Power of the internet: Finding a solution to my email not deleting on the iPhone

For a few weeks now I have been unable to delete any emails from my school account.

Very annoying since this was the one in my Facebook profile (no need to keep all those notification messages) and I get all these emails from a shoe company (not even sure it is real, likely SPAM since there are grammar errors).

I just read someone was having the same problem on and someone directed them to a “let me Google that for you” link.  On the Apple forums, there was my solution.

In case you have had these issues since upgrading to 2.2, here is the solution

WTF- another reason to hate AT&T but I am grateful I just switched to 3G

Okay, just got my daily email update from and the first posting was about AT&T’s decision to downgrade the signal original iPhones currently receive.

Now, it hasn’t even been 2 years since the phone debuted.  Unless they would offer people a FREE switch like they did when they wanted more people to switch from the OLD AT&T signal to the new Cingular signal, how can they justify this?

Many people (including me until 48 hours ago) who bought the original iPhone did not think there was enough of an upgrade to get the new 3G phone, PARTICULARLY those who are in non-3G areas.

Doesn’t this feel like punishment for not buying a new shiny phone? 

Too bad this is a change in the TOS so you could cancel your contract and go elsewhere.

Maybe this will lead to more unlocked orignal iPhones heading over to Tmobile!

What do you think?

iPhones on Lipstick Jungle

One of my favorite shows is slated to be discontinued, Lipstick Jungle.

I was watching yesterday’s episode and both Nico and Victory had 16GB white iPhone 3Gs while real estate mogul Joe Bennett was still carrying around an orignal iPhone (I could tell because the back was chrome).

Why is the billionaire (or millionaire who knows) still walking around with the old one?

Also, the way Nico tossed her phone on her desk haphazardly made my heart drop. 

And NO ONE was using a case.  How many of you carry your iPhone with no case?

OMG- I have just about had it with Apple!

Okay, when I went to get my replacement phone (2G) on Sunday there was a discrepancy in the system for my warranty date.  They still gave me a replacement, but I needed to call Apple Care to get the date fixed.

Back story, I bought my last 2G iPhone on March 20 in NYC while on vacation/business trip.  I had to have it replaced less than 1 month later while on another business trip in FL because the damn thing just froze when syncing and a restore didn’t help.

I then had to have it replaced AGAIN in July when I couldn’t make or receive calls.  That means that the phone rang, but when I answered nobody could hear me.  By the end of that Genius trip the phone had completely stopped working, it wouldn’t charge, and when you plugged in a simple USB sync/charge cable I got that message “this accessory is not made to work with the iPhone” which was CRAP since it was the original Apple cable that came with the phone.  This brings me to my current replacement that just happened Sunday.

How hard it is to trace the phones to update my warranty?

I know the serial number of the original phone purchased in March (even have a copy of the receipt)

I do not know the serial number of the replacement I got in April, but I told them the store location and the date.

I have the serial number of the replacement I got in July, told them the location, and THIS is the one showing that the warranty JUST expired in Dec.

I have the serial number of the phone I just got as a replacement.

How hard is it to find one serial number from April to connect the dots?

I just wasted 50 AT&T minutes talking to them because I do not have a home phone.

I really want this corrected, because A my phone is STILL under warranty until THIS March, and B since I just sold the phone last night I would like to send it to the new owner with the warranty information correct in case they have any issues.

Seriously Apple, if the phones didn’t have issues I wouldn’t have needed to replace my iPhone 3 TIMES, the first less than 1 month after I got it.  You would think that either using my phone number (been the same number the entire time) or my email address (I use the same one to book the Genius appointments and make all my purchases).

Now I have a case number and I have to wait for someone to call me back.  What is REALLY irratating is I was talking to a level 1 and he was relaying messages to the level 2 tech on the other line.  Is this normal?  Why not just let me talk to the level 2 person?  How do I know that the level 1 tech was even “telling the story” correctly?  I gave them all the information they should have needed to resolve this issue.

*** Okay as I was typing the level 1 tech called me back, it is now straight and my warranty information has been updated.

Still ridiculous it took that long and my records were so jumbled though!

I did it, i put my 2G iPhones up for sale

Last night as the new year rang in, I was taking pics of my current iPhone and the backup one I had so I could list them for sale on eBay and Bonanzle.

My hope is to get enough to get mom and I new 3G iPhones.

Wish me luck!!!

Enjoying a little iPhone time at the Cheesecake Factory

I typically end up dining alone at the Cheesecake Factory and using the time to work (as others do at a coffee shop) but today I am with mom and sister.

Sitting with them still doesn’t stop me from typing away on the iPhone.

See anything good?

Trying out the iPhone WordPress app

I am getting ready for my trip to the Genius Bar today. I always schedule an appointment or run up there when the iPhone issues have snowballed out of control.

Current list:
1) calling issues
2) crashed apps
3) delays in typing

Now, for the calling issues when people call me it has been going straight to voicemail without ringing. It used to be if I was surfing the web this would happen often, but now it is happening when the phone is right next to me with a STRONG signal. If it rings and I pick it up the second is is people cannot hear me. It happened infrequently on a previous iPhone and then daily. I am screaming at the people and all they get is silence. I hear them, they can’t hear me.

The crashing… Yes the crashing. Particularly in the Facebook app I get constant crashes OR half the entries on the screen go blank. None of my friends seem to have this issue!!!! For me it is Facebook, NYT, Safari, and MobileNews that crash the most.

Finally, the typing. Hitting a letter and waiting 5-10 seconds for it to appear is ridiculous!

I am off to Apple in a few hours to see what they say!!!