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Instant on- how much battery life is saved when watching movies

So I got some movies from my brother-in-law and my Acer Aspire One doesn’t even really have enough of a battery to watch one movie [I only have two standard batteries for that computer].

I know my Samsung Q1U has an instant on feature where you can watch a movie or listen to music without fully launching Vista, but I have never used that feature.  The new SonyP is supposed to have such a feature as well. 

The major problem with using such a feature before was that all my videos and music is in iTunes, which won’t play.  I should try this feature out and see what I can get on my batteries!

I really need an easy way to transfer recordings from my Comcast Motorola DVR to my computer.  I have a SlingBox, but on my OQO 02 it really stutters when playing.  I saw a Pinnacle Video transfer device that you connect between your video source and a computer, flash drive, or hard drive to record the video.  I was about to plunk down my credit card at the Circuit City closing sale (30% off right now) but first I pulled out my iPhone and read the reviews on Amazon, not so good 😦

So, I am still looking!